April 2018  
Nicaragua Mission
Liaison: Jose Soto

Members and Friends,

Every year, our sister church, John Knox Presbyterian Church, commissions a team to Esteli, Nicaragua to share God's ministry, mission, and love to the people.

Last year, I joined the mission team, my first mission trip ever attempted. My experience was amazing -in many ways! I had the opportunity to do construction and remodeling work at Shalom Presbyterian Church (the first Presbyterian church established in Nicaragua). But, my main role was serving as a translator between our mission team and those we met in Nicaragua. It was an honor to connect everyone involved in this mission through our conversations.

I continue to feel drawn back to the ministry and work of this effort and therefore I will be joining the team again this summer. 

The 2018 mission trip will focus on three projects:

  • Building an addition on to the home of a member of Shalom Presbyterian Church.
  • Assisting the Tony Flauto Christian Academy, a local-private pre-school.
  • Providing hands-on support to a local children's shelter, which provides free care to orphan children.

In conclusion, I ask for you to pray for me. Pray as I prepare to return back to Nicaragua to continue God's work.

The mission team will travel on July 11th on an 8-day trip.

Peace and Blessings,